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Feature Story

Cardinal shares thoughts on John XXIII, John Paul II

Cardinal George was looking forward to being in Rome for the canonizations of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 27. However, he and his doctors determined that it would be unwise for him to travel while undergoing chemotherapy.

Latest News

  1. Cardinal ‘urged’ nuncio to start search for successor

    During an April 11 press conference at the Archbishop Quigley Center to discuss the upcoming canonizations of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II (see Page 5), Cardinal George told reporters that he recently “urged” the papal nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, to begin the process of searching for his successor as archbishop of Chicago.
  2. Pope apologizes for clerical sex abuse, promises tough sanctions

    Vatican City — “I feel called to take responsibility for all the evil some priests — large in number, but not in proportion to the total — have committed and to ask forgiveness for the damage they’ve done with the sexual abuse of children,” Pope Francis said.

  3. ‘The devil exists’ and doesn’t want you to follow Jesus, pope warns

    Vatican City — A lot of people, even Catholics, think that talking about the devil is completely old-fashioned, but anyone who wants to follow Jesus needs to know that Satan exists and will keep putting up obstacles to faith, Pope Francis said.
  4. The unique ministry of Catholic bookstores

    When it comes to all the good work Amate House volunteers have done for Chicago-area social service agencies over the past 30 years, Deacon John Lucas has the spiel down pat.

  5. Catholic Family Day planned at Six Flags

    Catholic families from around the Archdiocese of Chicago are invited to Catholic Family Day at Six Flags Great America theme park in Gurnee on June 22.

  6. Lent + pocket change = clean water for Africa Sisters at St. Robert Bellarmine use season to teach children about unique effort

    This is the kind of math Sister Ann Fanella’s students like to do: if one 10-cent packet can purify two and a half gallons of water, and students at St. Robert Bellarmine School, 6036 W. Eastwood Ave., collected $1,100 for a clean water project in Africa, how much clean water have they provided?

  7. Making this Easter, all 50 days, count

    People are accustomed to giving up things for Lent. Perhaps we need to start a new tradition and start giving up things for Easter.

  8. Dioceses in U.S. raise $24.5 million for Typhoon Haiyan recovery, Rebuilding

    Washington (CNS) — U.S. dioceses raised $24.5 million in the special collection taken for relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan.

  9. Conference: reconciling economics,Catholic thought

    Cardinal George opened the Lumen Christi Institute’s sixth annual conference on economics and Catholic social thought by acknowledging the difficulty of the endeavor: that while economists and theologians can sit in the same room, share a dais even, it’s unclear whether they are truly communicating.

  10. Louis Czajkowski, Christopher Magyla, Krystian Wenc, Kaitlyn DeNardis and Christina Pasino from St. Cyprian School in River Grove look over artwork created by their peers as the archdiocesan Office for Peace and Justice hosted a gallery reception for the winners and participants of the 2014 Catholic Campaign for Human Development Multi-Media Youth Art Contest on April 3. (Karen Callaway/Catholic New World)

  11. Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk of the National Catholic Bioethics Center speaks during the symposium "Women's Health Care in Clinical Practice," hosted by the Integritas Institute at the Blessed John Paul II Newman Center at the University of Illinois-Chicago on April 5. (Karen Callaway/Catholic New World)


The Cardinal’s Column

By Francis Cardinal George, OMI

Holy Week and the Holy Land

The Holy Land is often referred to as “the fifth Gospel.” Just as the pages of the four canonical Gospels speak to us of Jesus, his work and his times, so does the land where he was born, lived quietly for 30 years, acted publicly through preaching and healing to tell people of God’s plan for the salvation of the world, the place where he was crucified, died, was buried and rose from the dead, speaks to all who see it.

The Good News

Submissions from around the Archdiocese

  1. Monday, April 14, 2014

    St. Catherine of Alexandria CateQuiz Winners

    Fourth graders at St. Catherine of Alexandria School in Oak Lawn participated in the Relevant Radio (950 AM) CateQuiz.

  2. Monday, April 14, 2014

    Chromebooks for Grades 6-8: St. Joseph School in Libertyville

    St. Joseph School in Libertyville launched a 1:1 computing program for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.Chromebooks were selected due to their affordability, long battery life and the integration of the Google Apps suite of software that support the goals of collaboration and communication. Teachers are excited this one to one access will also further foster goals related to differentiated instruction.

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  • 5 Minutes with Father

    By Dolores Madlener

    First one in his hometown to enter a seminary

    He is: Scalabrini Father Miguel Alvarez, pastor Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Shrine, Melrose Park. Former rector of the Scalabrini seminary in Mexico City. Ordained Aug 10, 1996, in Mexico.

  • Family Room

    By Michelle Martin

    On the road again

    There’s something about a road trip. Packing the whole family into the car, throwing in some blankets and pillows, extra clothes, and snacks — lots of snacks — and heading out of town.

  • Easter offers the elation of living with the Risen Christ

    April 20: The Resurrection of the Lord
    Acts 10:34a, 37-43; Ps 118:1-2, 16-17, 22-23; Col 3:1-4 or 1 Cor 5:6b-8; Jn 20:1-9
    When my friend Nita’s husband died unexpectedly a year ago, she felt what Mary of Magdala must’ve felt when she first entered Jesus’ empty tomb.

  • Parish potpourri —

    Father Tom Dore, pastor emeritus of St. Giles (Oak Park), was given the Association of Chicago PriestsBlessed John XXIII Award at their 47th annual Mardi Gras. Dore, who now lives at St. Pascal Parish (N. Melvina), was recognized for having the vision and courage of Pope John XXIII in his ministry. . . . Divine Mercy Sunday and the Holy Family Chapel “grew up” together at St. George Parish, (Tinley Park). April 27 will mark the parish’s 20th anniversary of perpetual adoration.

  • Faith and Culture

    By Father Robert Barron

    Noah: A postmodern Midrash

    Darren Aronofsky’s cinematic re-telling of the story of Noah has certainly stirred people up. While quite a few reviewers, both religious and non-religious, have given the film high marks, many Christians, both evangelical and Catholic, have registered a far less than enthusiastic reaction. One prominent Catholic blogger and movie reviewer opined that “Noah” is “embarrassingly awful” and “the stupidest film in years.”